About Us

Angeline’s began as the dream of founder Robert Volberg and investor Scott Fearon as a way to bring southern hospitality and the delicious flavors of Louisiana to the bay area. While scouting the east bay for a restaurant location, Robert struck up a conversation with a man in chef’s pants who happened to be Chef Brandon Dubea from Baton Rouge, LA. After working to develop an outstanding menu and create a delightful atmosphere, Angeline’s opened quietly on July 20th, 2006.

General Manager Tempe Minaga-Teves
As word spread about the restaurant, UC Berkeley alum Tempe Minaga-Teves completed the team as co-owner in mid 2008 to improve service and operations. Although not from Louisiana, Tempe knows good food when she tastes it and she’s been passionate about Angeline’s from the first bite.

Founder Robert Volberg
A lover of all things Cajun, Robert worked tirelessly to welcome guests as if Angeline’s was his home. Although he passed on in June of 2010, his southern hospitality will always be with us.

Founding Chef Brandon Dubea
Chef Dubea spent much of his childhood in his grandpa’s Cajun grocery store fronting shelves and helping out with crawfish boils for comic book money & chocolate milk. Once in the bay area he realized that there was a lack of good Cajun food and set out to create an authentic Cajun restaurant.

And so the secret is out! Angeline’s is a delightful, comfortable neighborhood restaurant where you can enjoy the amazing tastes and culture of Louisiana without having to buy a plane ticket. Whether you’re enjoying jambalaya, drinking an ice cold Abita beer or finishing your meal with a delicious order of beignets, you’re sure to leave happy.

Angeline’s is proud to be a certified green business! Here are some of the things we’ve done to go green:

* We use compostable and recyclable takeout containers
* We recycle or Compost 70% by volume of our refuse
* We conserve energy with CFLs and dimmable lights
* We recycle our used cooking oil
* We use recycled office supplies
* We conserve water by serving only to guests who request it